Otto Kern Fragrances

The range of scents from OTTO KERN Fragrances stand out thanks to their individuality and value. Whether you’re after something modern, classic or the perfect accompaniment to your working day, we’ve the perfect fragrance for every situation in your life. Discover our diverse range of women’s and men’s fragrances with character.

Otto Kern Signature

Create something lasting – make your mark. But not just any old mark – leave your own personal stamp. Your individual note. Your distinctive signature. This is the mission behind the SIGNATURE trio of fragrances from OTTO KERN.

Otto Kern Casual Blue

The dynamic and fresh fragrance is the perfect companion for men who welcome every day with cool serenity.

Otto Kern Commitment

The two women's fragrances by COMMITMENT stand for expressiveness and are ideal to underline the daily look.

Otto Kern Contrast

Meeting life’s challenges with openness and a distinctive style. The fragrances Cool Contrast and Soft Contrast give their wearer his or her own expressive and modern profile.