Otto Kern Cool Contrast

Otto Kern Cool Contrast for men is the ideal fragrance for all those who face life's challenges with openness and a distinctive style. Who appreciate the special qualities in life and combine them anew to create their own individual image. Wearers of Otto Kern Cool Contrast are highly expressive and use the fragrance to underline their striking character.


Black pepper gives the fresh top note a dynamic piquancy before transitioning to the masculine, aromatic heart notes. The vibrant woods of the base note ensure a rich and varied finish. The cool contrasts of this fragrance linger in the memory.

  • Blood orange

  • Black pepper

  • Green apple

  • Aquatic accord

  • Lavender

  • Cardamom essence

  • Viola leaves

  • Cashmeran®

  • Patchouli

  • Vetiver

  • Vanilla


Otto Kern Cool Contrast boasts an elegant colour scheme, combining masculine dark blue with silver. A classy colour combination.


Otto Kern Cool Contrast Eau de Toilette

The eau de toilette with the unique fragrance of Otto Kern Cool Contrast.

Otto Kern Cool Contrast After Shave Lotion

The After Shave Lotion nourishes the skin following a shave and rounds off the fragrance experience of Otto Kern Cool Contrast Man.

Otto Kern Cool Contrast Body & Hair Shampoo

The Body & Hair Shampoo has a vitalizing effect whilst gently cleansing – with the fresh, masculine fragrance of Otto Kern Cool Contrast.

Otto Kern Cool Contrast Deodorant

This effective Body & Deodorant Spray with the fragrance of Otto Kern Cool Contrast is gentle on the skin and provides you with long-lasting freshness.

Discover Soft Contrast

Otto Kern Soft Contrast

Discover the perfect fragrance for women. Soft contrasts are combined in this composition to form a brilliant fragrance experience.

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