Otto Kern Playful

The women’s fragrance OTTO KERN PLAYFUL is a tribute to all confident, proud women who playfully and effortlessly bewitch all around them. They know themselves and their strengths and just how to use them. After all, life makes so many options available to her. With her incredible aura and sharp mind, she’ll always wrap everyone in the vicinity around her finger.


A sensuous cocktail of fragrances which underscores the attractiveness of its wearer. Right from the start, the fragrance wins all over with its thrilling champagne accents. Nobody will be able to resist its bouquet of floral notes in the heart. Embedded in warm wood and tender musk, it resonates with playful seduction.

  • Champagne

  • Raspberry

  • Grapefruit

  • Cinnamon

  • Champaca bloom

  • Turkish roses

  • Cedarwood

  • Patchouli

  • Musk


The bottle for OTTO KERN PLAYFUL is particularly striking thanks to its noble, modern design. The shapely forms with trendy pink gold and engraved OTTO KERN lion on the cap strike an appealing note. The design is rounded off with an ornamental pendant which represents the wearer’s playfulness.


Otto Kern Playful Eau de Toilette

OTTO KERN PLAYFUL presents a sensuous cocktail of fragrances, beginning with a luxurious tingle and unfolding a floral bouquet in the heart. The composition is rounded off with mellow notes.

Otto Kern Playful Eau de Parfum

The eau de parfum from OTTO KERN PLAYFUL offers an even longer fragrance experience with its seductive notes.

Otto Kern Playful Deodorant

This effective deodorant spray with the scent of OTTO KERN PLAYFUL is kind to your skin and guarantees long-lasting freshness.

Otto Kern Playful Body & Hair Shampoo

The shower cream from OTTO KERN PLAYFUL gently cleanses your skin and provides lasting rehydration – indulge yourself with a luxury shower experience which will leave your skin feeling as soft as silk.

Otto Kern Playful Bodylotion

The nurturing body lotion from OTTO KERN PLAYFUL contains precious moisturising ingredients which protect the skin from drying out and keep it soft and smooth.

The campaign

The key visual brings to life the wit and ease of the OTTO KERN PLAYFUL and FULL PLAY wearer in a winning performance. The woman is playing with a sweet white baby lion, showing her tender, fun-loving side. The man prefers to measure his performance against that of a full-grown lion, the king of the animal kingdom.

Making Of

Take a look behind the scenes on the shoot for OTTO KERN PLAYFUL and FULL PLAY.

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Otto Kern Full Play

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